In Memory

Jasarat Gold Star at Sejoda

20/09/04 - 24/04/19

Seimet 3 IMG_0002 076 DSC_0049

Litter sisters

Tomarkus Little Mo of Sejoda and Tomarkus Misty May of Sejoda  Oct 25th 2003 - May 26th 2020

Lucy was a sweet  gentle girl who only ever did one thing wrong in her whole life when she chewed the conservatory blinds as a puppy. She was happy to go along with whatever we did and fitted in the household with the other whippets. Although so quiet she left a big hole when she left us.

These 2 came into our lives just before Christmas 2003 and were purchased as pets but Molly became a show dog who did very well in the ring. Tilly however was a home girl who was just happy to be with us whether at home or on holiday.

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